• Long Play (LP) Race - 1/2 Marathon, Full Marathon,...
    SUNDAY MARCH 4, 2018 - 7:00 AM
    The Long Play (LP) takes place at Nobleton, FL and runs primarily on the trails of Croom Park. The LP is 33 1/3 miles and there is also a Full Marathon and Half-Marathon run. The W...
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  • XTERRA Trout Creek Trail Runs - 5K & 15K
    Sunday, MARCH 25, 2018
    Join us for the 13th Annual XTERRA Trout Creek Trail Runs, held in the beautiful Trout Creek Wilderness Park in NE Hillsborough County. This course winds through pines, oak hammock...
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  • Croom 50M/50K/16M Fools Trail Run
    SATURDAY MARCH 31, 2018
    March 31, 2018 This race has been around for a while at 22 years and counting.  This is a wonderful course that is mostly a great single track running trail that winds through out...
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  • XTERRA The CLAW 10 & 5 Mile Adventure Run
    Sunday, May 6, 2018
    A challenging and fun run taking place at Alafia River State Park.  It utilizes the double track with a number of sections taking place off-trail. This will be not be your typical ...
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  • Picnic Island Adventure Run
    ?? 2018 (6:45 PM)
    This off-road course is roughly 3.6 miles of challenging course that may include getting your feet wet and who knows what is around the corner. We just about guarantee this to be t...
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  • Moon Over Croom 21M/14M/7M Evening
    SATURDAY JUNE 30, 2018
    This is a 7 Mile course that will be run in both day and night. Glow sticks are used to mark the course and in the evening so there is no problem following the course. This is a fu...
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  • John Holmes 50K, 16M, 9M Trail Run
    The John Holmes is the Grand Daddy of 50Ks being the oldest trail run in Florida. This is a classic loop course with 7 mile loops that allow often access to your drop bag. A beauti...
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  • XTERRA Wildhorse 1/2 Marathon, 10M, 10K, 4M
    The Wildhorse has a fast and smooth course with a couple small sections of single track to make it interesting. The XTERRA 1/2 Marathon has about 5K of single track including a sma...
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  • X-Country Marathon, 30K, Half-Marathon & 5K
    Enjoy the rolling hills and tall grasses of Alafia River State Park as you race on the wide open paths. Unique Ceramic Finisher Awards.  This great off-road race comes just before ...
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  • Dirthead Off-Road Duathlon
    The Dirthead takes place on the wonderful trails of Croom in Brooksville. There is a race for all levels - Sprint Duathlon (10M bike, 3.8M run) or Middle Earth Duathlon (10M bike, ...
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  • Croom Zoom 25K, 50K, 100K, 100M
    Come out for a great day of running at Croom. This a nice single track course that is different than the Fools Run. All the usual fixin's - nice t-shirt, finisher awards for all 10...
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  • Florida Challenge Half-Marathon & 5K
    SUNDAY, JANUARY 28, 2018
    Alafia River State Park has some of the state’s best single track trails. This is a great park with great trails and you need to see it and run it to believe it. The trails are tou...
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