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Dear Runners.

We're looking for the following volunteer help at our races:

Before Race
Course and obstacle setup (2 people, 2 hours) Volunteers would need to be there either the previous night (Flatwoods, Florida Challenge) or 3 hours before (Picnic Island) race start.
Registration (2 people, 1 hr.) Work starts 1:15 hr. before race start
During Race
Water stops (1-2 people - 45 min.(Flatwoods); 2-3 hr. (Florida Challenge))
Obstacle monitoring (2 people, 45 min.)
Photography - 1-2 people taking pictures before, during, and after the race. Digital cameras preferred or we can provide them for you.
Finish line (clicker, award & water handout, 3-5 people, 30 min.) 15 minutes after race start
After Race
Food service (2 people, 1:15 hr.)
Course tear-down (2 people, 1-2 hr.) After race

Depending on how many hours you, or someone with you, would put in, we then work out something on t-shirts, awards (baseball cap, campfire mug, bucket hat), and free or discounted entry to the race. We value the hours at about $8 and therefore 3 hours would equal a full race entry; 1 hour for a t-shirt; 1 hour for an award.

(High School students might be able to get interning credits, also.)

Once you commit to volunteer, we really need you to be there or give us sufficient notice so we can try to find a replacement. We are adding more trail and adventure type races to our upcoming calendar so we will have additional opportunities.

Hope we can work together. Thank you.

Jim Harnett (jim@tamparaces.com)
Ricky Howe (ricky@tamparaces.com)

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